Forex Calendar

The forex calendar below will help you to better plan your trades by keeping you up to date with the schedule of ongoing economic data and central bank decisions from the leading countries around the world.

Trading without keeping firmly abreast of this news will most certainly result in unnecessary losses. We suggest that the first thing you do before you begin your trading day is to check the forex calendar below and see what announcements are scheduled and make note of their potential market moving impact. The more potentially ‘volatile’ the news, the more orange exclamation marks there will be to the right.

Make sure that you know what time (in your time zone) these major announcements will be released, especially those that will directly impact the major currency pairs you trade e.g. an RBA interest rate announcement in Australia will greatly effect the AUDUSD pair. The times listed in the economic calendar below are the country concerned’s local time.

This customisable forex calendar has been published here for your convenience. “To be well informed is to be well armed.”

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