Forex Trading Videos

Learn professional currency trading tips and strategies by watching these informative and educational forex trading videos.

Forex Fibonacci Tutorial

How to trade forex using the popular often highly accurate Fibonacci indicator (which is based on the Golden Ratio) to trade pull backs and also set profit targets in you currency trades.

Forex Trading Tips

A veteran forex traders shares his pearls of wisdom learned from years of experience trading the currency markets. You may not agree with all of these forex trading tips but when the voice of experience speaks it often pays to listen.

Best Forex Scalping Indicators

Scalping the currency market takes a great deal of focus, discipline and also the ability to act quickly. It’s taxing to say the least, however this forex scalping indicator is one the most accurate I have seen in identifying turning points in currency pairs.

Forex Support and Resistance

This video will help you to identify valid forex support and resistance levels across the major currency pairs. If you can do this well you’ll be able to trade range-bound markets (which occur much of the time) profitably.

Forex Swing Trading Strategy

In this forex trading video you’ll learn a proven forex swing trading strategy to profit from short-term moves in the market. Trading on price momentum is a tried and true strategy and with the leverage that only fx markets provide, can be rather lucrative.

Forex Scalping Strategy

Learn how to scalp the forex market like a professional does. In recent years many traders have elected to trade a higher number of lots, while trying to capture a smaller amount of pips. For most traders, this involves using a higher amount of leverage/risk and therefore timing is critical to success. In this video you’ll learn several valid forex scalping strategies.

Forex Money Management

When it comes to any form of trading managing risk is essential. In fact, it’s best to think of your job as managing risk for profit. This video will share a forex money management approach that has proven to minimise risk when you are wrong, while allowing for significant potential reward when you are right.

Forex Moving Average Strategy

In technical trading, less is more and it is the simplest trading strategies that are often the most successful. In this video you’ll learn a forex moving average strategy that can work very well given the right market conditions. As always, thought it’s best to seek confirmation from additional technicals, while also being away of impending news releases.

Forex News Trading Strategy

Trading the news can be extremely lucrative and also extremely risky due to the increase in volatility (and lower levels of liquidity) after major news announcements are released. This forex news trading strategy video will demonstrate valid approaches to trading the news (e.g. NFP – Non Farm Payrolls, GDP etc) like a professional trader.

I hope you enjoy these forex trading videos. There are many potentially profitable strategies when it comes to forex. As for which one will work best for you will depend on a number of factors such as how much time you have, the amount of risk capital you have at your disposal and also your appetite for risk.

The point is there’s enough room for everybody and every approach in this ginormous and highly dynamic market. For the aspiring trader who is willing to put in the time, effort and commitment a world of financial freedom and exciting possibilities awaits. Do you have what it takes?

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